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Thread: Opinions on the cw380

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    Default Opinions on the cw380

    I was looking at adding a small 380 for pocket carry when I cant carry my Glocks... Im deciding between the LCP2, CW380 or the glock 42...

    Im leaning toward either the LCP2 or Kahr since I really like the size and price point of both and the 42 is as big as a 9mm. I have been doing some research on the Kahr and the feedback on the CW380's reliability is 50/50 with most opinions falling on the polar ends where either the owners are loving them or hating them.

    Honestly, Im not too keen on kahr saying their pistols need 200 rounds before they are considered reliable, while its not bad advice and you should always test the weapon before carrying it... it seems to me that they should leave the factory already in a condition considered reliable.

    So What is the consensuses on these little guys from the kahr talk members?

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    My CW380 was not great in the beginning. I experienced failures to feed for the first 200 rounds, at least one round per magazine. The FTF was more like "slide failing to return to battery", requiring me to nudge the slide forward before I could fire the weapon.

    I dutifully ran 200 rounds through it, and the problem got slightly better. After 300 rounds, I still couldn't trust the pistol. At one range session, it launched the slide stop out of the gun. At this point, I decided to send it back to Kahr.

    Kahr paid for shipping both ways, kept my pistol in house for exactly one day, replaced every spring and polished the feedramp to a mirror polish. Now it works 100 percent of the time.

    At the time, the CW380 was the smallest 380 with actual sights and a last round hold open which was commonly available. All the others---Ruger,Kel-Tec, Taurus---were all basically the same pistol, and didn't have those features. Now the LCP2 is on the market and seems like it's corrected the failings of the original LCP.

    If I was in the market for a small .380, I'd still choose the Kahr. The Ruger is a fine choice too.

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    Here's how I interpret the 200 round break in: if you experience minor problems with the firearm give it a little time to work out. If it hasn't worked itself out after 200 rounds then call us.

    If there are major problems there's no need to wait 200 rounds to call.


    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    I'm on my second CW380, and am currently experiencing numerous issues like all the ones you've probably been reading about.

    HOWEVER...I haven't given up yet. The pistol, or rather the POTENTIAL of the pistol, is that good.

    I owned the Ruger LCPII. It experienced every possible failure, so Ruger asked for it back...TWICE. The second time they returned a new model to me...which was worst than the first. It, too, experienced every type of failure, and the second time back to Ruger I insisted on either a new model entirely or a refund. We settled on a different model (9mm) which I promptly sold as new to my LGS.

    I also think the LCPII has a marginally unsafe trigger for any sort of pocket carry situation. If you intend to holster it on your waist, perhaps that wouldn't be a concern to you.

    It is also a bit harsh of a shooter, although many of these micros can be with the hotter rounds. Sights are crappy, too, although it is intended as a point and shoot belly gun anyway.

    FWIW, I've had great luck with both my Pico and my Remington RM380. The latter especially is built like a tank and will cycle anything you feed it. Trigger is a little stiff out of the box, but Galloway offers some upgrades and it does smooth out and lighten with dry-firing and range time.

    This is a tough segment in the pistol world, so best of luck.

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    I own 2, and had 2 others in the past. The most recent one (4th) is the first to experience issues and they're exactly as described by MMyers1970 except I sent mine in after 200 rounds. It's in there now. The other 3 have been money.

    Before and in between I've owned an LCP, a Pico, and very briefly a Taurus TCP. All had issues and none were close to being as shootable as the Kahr in my opinion.

    I'm curious to try the new Taurus Spectrum. The specs look good but they're way behind in making them available. Same thing happened when the CW380 first came out.
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    Hey, Bryce.
    Recently got my first Kahr. I wanted a TINY pistol. Despite being unimpressed with the Kahrs that I handled back in the company's early days, the P380 caught my eye. Little pistols can be finicky, so before even shooting it for the first time, I disassembled the P380 except for the trigger mechanism. The intention was to polish all the poorly finished parts, but really, there was nothing really wrong with the gun. I did the feed ramp, and perhaps something else, but I can't remember. Everything was cleaned and lubed, and I threw in a Lakeline striker for good measure. The gun ran flawlessly. As far as I know, the CW380 is just a less expensive version of the P380, and I would expect them both to function similarly. Go with the Kahr.

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    Thanks... the feedback on here is much the same... two people had good experiences 1 had a negative experience and the other is bad at first... I'm going with the LCP 2. I haven't found nearly as many negatives about that pistol.

    I really want to like the kahr, but I don't think I would be confident in a gun that has the amount of negative reviews as the kahr does especially if they are manufactured in a way that requires me to figure out something the manufacture should before it leaves the factory

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    Kahr CW380 - Lakeline stainless guide rod, Lakeline Ultimate striker, Talon grip. It's 7+1 with the MagGuts conversion, all stainless/polymer, excellent trigger, excellent sights with a night sight option.

    It's 100% reliable, crazy accurate for it's size, and it vanishes in my pocket in a DeSantis Nemesis. Handles recoil very well - I could shoot it all day comfortably.

    My carry ammo is Underwood Xtreme Defender +P. That's 1400 fps, and 283 ft lbs energy at the muzzle. This compares very favorably with +P rounds out of a snubby 38 revolver, and has 8 rounds on tap.

    At half the price of the P380, it's an easy decision. FWIW, I own 2 of them.

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    Ed M talked me into buying mine last week. My CW380 came in Wednesday. I put 188 flawless rounds of American Eagle through it yesterday. Cleaned it this AM and it's functioning smoothly. One more range outing and it goes into carry rotation.

    Grab a gun had them for $219 last weekend. I figured for that price if I didn't like it I could sell it for 200. So far it is definitely a keeper.
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    After 500 rds my Kahr CW380 is still very difficult to hand cycle, but operates flawlessly during actually firing of the firearm. Did a slight mod to the extractor lower tip to enable it to feed and eject any 380 ammo. Polished the feed ramp and the upper chamber. If I were to do it over again.....would probably buy the CM9. Ammo is cheaper seems to be easier to break in than the 380 firearms....NOT saying all of them are!!! Not much difference in size. Did I make a mistake buying the CW380?...not at all!! Got it on sale at Tombstone online for less than $210 .....there is nothing that can be found to say that is not a great deal on a very fine firearm.

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