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Thread: TS Harvey

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    Default TS Harvey

    May the Good Lord shine his light on those about to face Harvey!

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    I live in Round Rock, just north of Austin.

    Interstate 35 northbound from San Antonio, through Round Rock up to Waco has been bumper to bumper all day with evacuee traffic added to the usual chitshow.
    RIP Port Aransas - from there up to Rockport is taking the brunt of the storm which has 130mph sustained winds & gusts to 150. My wife has been talking all summer about booking a few nights at our favorite place, the Sandcastle condos, for some Texas beach time this next month. Hopefully there will be something left.

    The Austin area isn't really going to get anything extreme out of this except for a lot of evacuee traffic, then maybe 6" of rain & stiff winds. The F1 race track (Circuit of the Americas) has opened its RV park gratis for any evacuees in their campers. Lots of other places around town are opening up to accommodate the fleeing scores of thousands.

    Lots of doctors & nurses from around the state have been down on the coast helping evacuate hospitals & nursing homes. Local firemen trained in water rescue are on standby down there in certain areas ready to help. One of them is my brother's grandson who is an experienced swift water rescue fireman/EMT from the Austin FD, so a little prayer for his success & safety while on the scene would be appreciated. I'm not sure where they sent him two days ago.

    Corpus Christi PD ceased answering emergency calls this afternoon, as they couldn't get out of their copshops in many areas. Can't blame them for not wanting to risk their lives for those fools running around on the beaches right before Harvey hits. Saw some video of a family with two toddlers splashing their feet in the surf earlier this afternoon. Complete idiocy, and this state has more than its share of that ilk.
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