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Thread: Hurricane Harvey - Things non-Houstonians need to understand

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    It will be expensive. It will also be financially catastrophic for many. No doubt about it. However, I much prefer fact based reporting to WAG media hysteria stirring sensationalism.
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    Talked with my father-in-law yesterday and got some good news. His house, my brother-in-law's house and sister-in-law's house were all high and dry. They all live in/around Bay City. No word on a few other inlaws houses, though.

    Plan on FEMA coming after things settle down and redrawing the flood plain maps requiring flood insurance where it was not required before. Also plan on many people losing their current home owners insurance as many insurance companies will pull out of the area with only a few remaining. This happened in FL after four hurricanes hit their in 2004 and happened in LA and MS after Katrina and Rita in 2005.

    We were lucky in that we lived in Gulfport, MS during Katrina and our ins. co. didn't pull out. Many others did. Our rates for wind damage did go up, though. Now we live in the foothills between the front range and the divide in CO and had to shop around to find an ins. co. that would insure the house. Many have pulled out due to recent forest fires over the past few years.

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    I lived there and was later a general manager for a flood control district that bordered Harris County (Houston).

    These are worth understanding.

    1. The Army Corps of Engineers generally accurate predict where and what will flood
    2. More flood control projects are needed but Corps and local projects are extremely slow with little funding
    3. Building codes DO NOT reflect the realities of flooding in Local Areas and along the coast (i.e. stop allowing construction in flood prone areas, building or home type or designs don't help either, buyouts are needed for many flood prone areas to eliminate the costs and loss of life)
    4. There are real issues with some with political corruption that prevent or delay flood control projects
    5. There are few reliable ways now to evacuate people along the Gulf Coast (this problem repeats itself with every storm with no resolution)
    6. Despite the geography and terrain, some flooding can be prevented with major flood control drainage, new reservoirs (similar to Addicks Reservoir & Barker Reservoir) are badly needed

    Within 6 months to a year, little will happen and virtually few needed changes will happen.

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    ^^^^ What he said.

    Then there are the panicked gasoline buyers - just like the folks who ran out after Sandy Hook & bought everything AR & ammo in sight. Very dumb & not necessary.

    There is NO gasoline shortage, just a slowdown in the distribution. But prices have jumped around here by 10-15 cents, and there are long lines at most all stations. Looks like the Oil Embargo Crisis of the 1970s. Pretty dumb, IMO.

    Just talked to my brother - his grandson ( a Round Rock fireman/EMT/rescue) has been in the Houston/Port Arthur area since Monday - he's a "team leader" for his inflatable rescue boat. He & his team have been sleeping in their boat overnight after . Looks like he'll be over there for a few more days. His brother is an Austin fireman - also trained in swiftwater rescue & as an EMT, but he hasn't been sent out of town yet. Guess he'll have some interesting stories when he gets home.
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