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Thread: Hey i have a crazy thought....has anyone blackened their MK?

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    I get some stainless parts black oxide coated. It is about the same durability as bluing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    20 or 30 years from now if you store the gun in perfect condition with the box and hang tags versus changing the color might make a slight difference.
    Until then I doubt it would make much difference. It actually might be more appealing to some and less appealing to others.
    I doubt your using this gun as a 401K program and didn't buy it as an investment.
    That being said I'd do what you want to do to make it your own and pleasing to your eye.

    Just my small opinion not worth the cyber space it took to write this.
    You're inspiring me to dremel those annoying light rails off my h&k P30sk that I've been putting off because of the "value" equation. Ive got 1500 flawless rounds through the gun and love it EXCEPT for the light rail that serves no purpose on the thing. They're super pointy and sharp and hang up on stuff. The gun has very bright night sights and a light or laser will never be put on the gun. It would be like putting a light on a glock 26/27. Got the gun for a real good price too so I could still get most of what I paid for it if I did a good modification job.

    I'm really tempted now....
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    Robar does a Blackened Stainless Finish -

    I've got two Sig guns (P229/P239) with their proprietary Nitron black stainless finish that has held up well.
    Robar is right here in Phoenix, but I haven't used them yet.
    It's funny, was just handling my MK40 Elite a few moments ago - LOL!
    I'm sort of a stainless guy anyway.
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    Kahr made an MK9 Elite 2000 that was finished with black Roguard on the slide and frame.

    Roguard is a black finish done by a company named Robar. They describe their Roguard finish as:
    Roguard is a Molybdenum Disulfide based Polymer which is sprayed on a Phosphate base and then baked to cure. This finish is extremely corrosion resistant and very wear resistant when compared to other black finishes. Molybdenum is the main component of this finish which provides excellent hardness and self lubricating properties. Roguard is black in color and is available in a satin or matte finish.

    For some reason Kahr only made 89 examples of the Elite 2000 MK9, all in the GE00xx range. I do not know if they made an MK40 Elite 2000.

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