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Thread: CW380--Let's Try This Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Rat View Post
    Bosco, how do you like your Seecamp?
    Love it. It's a little jewel of a pistol and totally reliable.

    HOWEVER...while mine functions flawlessly with all the recommended ammo, those are pretty tepid rounds in terms of SD performance. Mine, unlike many others, won't cycle the Underwood Extreme Cavitator, which I believe is a game-changer in the .32. I've contacted Underwood, and they are working with Seecamp to make some changes to ensure that their ammo functions with ALL Seecamp pistols. Until such time, though, it's a great little gun that is really marginal for self defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JethrosDad View Post
    Nice Price or Crackpipe?

    So looking for a pocket .380 and of course looking at a Kahr. My LGS just got in a used P380 (not sure of build date) stainless slide with night sights. has original case, paperwork, and 2 mags with an asking price of $399. I know that with the P series price drop I've seen them on gunprodeals for $365 shipped +25 transfer free puts me at $390 for a NEW P380 (but without night sights).

    I am considering selling my Makarov as I have not been carrying it, or shooting it much over the past 6 months. Which of these options would you chose?

    1. Sell Makarov and get used P380
    2. Sell Makarov and get new P380
    3. Keep Makarov and get new P380

    Don't waste your time with a P380... get a CW380 instead. You can find them as low as $249 brand new, even though they don't have night sights (which you really don't need on a "get off me" gun anyway). There is absolutely nothing a P380 does that justifies the huge price difference over a CW380.

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