Well, I've always had great luck and quality with Bianchi Holsters. But while this one is well made, and has a nice lining and stitching, I don't think this will work out for "Cross Draw" (especially seated in the "kahr") for my new-to-me Kahr K9...

The holster in the image isn't mine, but the large black line was added to simulate where a belt would be, and the red line was added to show where I think the "rake" of the pistol should be -- at a minimum -- for an easy cross draw. (Oh no, the gun isn't a Kahr either -- as I just grabbed a decent image online and modified the grip somewhat just for this picture...)

So, what do you all think?

I got the holster on sale at Midway, and the price was lots less than other retailers, but I just don't think this will work well............

Any comments or recommendations for a nice, angled-correctly, thumb-strap, leather Cross Draw holster for a K9???


Old No7