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Thread: CM9 going back to Kahr

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    Default CM9 going back to Kahr

    OK, the CM9 is going back. It's a year old with a little over 2000 rounds. Since I've owned it it would fail to fire every now and then - no strike on the primer - and I blamed range ammo. Last week it started doing it every 3 or 4 rounds. Tried several different kinds of ammo with the same results. Eject the round, put it in the next mag and it fires. I hate to send it back but it's not reliable.

    I hear good things about Kahr service and really hope they can fix whatever is wrong with it. I'll let you know.

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    Maybe a dumb question, but have you been keeping the striker channel clean and free of oil?

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    I have kept it clean using pressurized cleaner. Finally disassembled the slide for a thorough cleaning - it wasn't really dirty so I guess the compressed cleaner works ok.

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    I filled out the online form on Kahr's web site on Sunday and got a return label two days later. Not bad.

    The gun went back Friday with a note to allow two weeks to repair. I hope they fix it as I really like the little gun. It's going to take some rounds down range before I feel confident carrying again.

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    I really hope Kahr takes good care of you. As a new cm9 owner I am want to see how it all turns out.

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    Yeah I'm curious to see how it all turns out. I love my new CM9 but I get a bit nervous hearing things like this. Good Luck!

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    Maybe a weak striker spring. I think they'll take care of you. Let us know how it goes.
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    I thought about a weak spring so I bought Galloway's kit with springs and steel striker guide. It made the trigger a little lighter but no change in fails. Had to take it all apart and put factory parts in before I sent it back.

    Got an email yesterday saying they had the gun so we see how long turn around is.

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    yep, just bought a CM9 lat month. After 50 rounds the barrel plating started de-laminating. Kahr replaced it in about 10 days. now after 300 rounds both mags fail to lock back the slide after the last round. the 7 round mag's follower appears to be cracked. So the mags were shipped today. It makes me nervous too. I really want to like this gun. We'll see....

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    How did you like the change the Galloway kit made to the trigger?

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