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Thread: CM9 going back to Kahr

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    I installed the Galloway kit in my EDC CM9 about two months ago and have had no problems;the pull weight was reduced by a small amount; still ok for EDC but not match quality by any means, that 's ok also. I shoot Federals and CD 115 gr. ;don't know about other brands.



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    Good. I'm glad you like the kit. I didn't realize anyone made one for kahrs so it is nice to know its a worthy product if I desire to do the same down the road.

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    IT was ok, definitely lighter pull but a little mushy. When I get it back I'll run some serious rounds through it to see if I like it better than factory.

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    On 9/18 I got the email from Kahr letting me know they have my CM9. I was hoping it would be back by now but no word so I guess it's time to drag out the phone and see if I can get a status.

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    How long have they had it?

    Thanks for the update too

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    Almost a month - since 9/18

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    Had a strange problem with my CM9 today...happened 3 times out of 100 rounds of ammo. Gun fired, empty ejected, slide returned , but no cartridge loaded in chamber. ???

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    Check the stripper on the bottom of the slide. I've not heard of it on the CM but early on some didn't have a bevel and it would ride over the cartridge without getting behind it, so it didn't pick it up.
    You can lock the slide back, and insert a loaded mag and see if the round slips up in front of the stripper bar. Not sure that's a proper name but that's what it does. Might just need a bit more taper since it's not happening often.
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    My CM9 came back today - just under 5 weeks. I suppose that's not unreasonable when I think about it. Multiple items were fixed (?) slide had to be wiggled to get it back on, fail to fire, excessive wear (in my opinion) on the frame. Everything is shined up and new looking, the slide release is very hard to operate but I suppose it will break in. The note included said replaced trigger bar and tested.
    It goes to the range tomorrow ..

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    One more thing worth mentioning - Kahr sent me a prepaid shipping label to return my gun and didn't charge me for return shipping so good mark for not trying to nickel and dime me on a warranty repair.

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