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Thread: Best CW9 price I could find

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    Everybody gots smoke right now, pretty thick even over here on the wrong side of the mountain.

    I been sick for a couple weeks, taking antibiotics and not improving. Hoping to get some different stuff today.
    Doc told me to stay inside too. I don't think I got COPD but who knows, maybe I do and haven't added it to the list yet.

    Got me one of them tennis elbows too and never played tennis, life ain't fair. I did play racket ball back maybe in the 80's, guess that's sort of like tennis only the racket's smaller and the girls don't wear them short skirts as much.

    Made me start watching beach volley ball it did.!
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    You did good Geezer and you lucked out on it being clean with no flashing. Mine sure was dirty and had flashing everywhere.

    As an aside, when you clean and oil it, check and make sure your front sight posts are mushroomed correctly and look like they are anchored properly as mine flew off the first time I fired it.

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    Say Col. Bawanna, gettin' older sure sucks, doesn't it? I wake up every day to a new pain somewhere else on my carcass, not to mention the old ones still bugging me. But just waking up is a good sign. Hope you get over whatever is ailing you.

    About the only smoke haze we get here is from the "slash & burn" farmers down in Mexico's Yucatan. The Gulf breezes carry it all the way up here. then there are the huge clouds of high altitude dust that blows in all the way across the Atlantic from the Sahara Desert. Can't hardly win no how.
    "My God, Woodrow. It has been quite a party, ain't it?"

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