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Thread: Any KelTec Owners here??

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    I have a p3at that I've had for about 5 yrs that has been flawless. It gets carried allot and shot a little. Never had the .380 keyhole but I remember a warranty return for no rifling in the barrel.

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    I took the P3AT to the range again and used a cardboard back behind the paper and it didn't make those "keyhole" looking marks. It shot excellent but I noticed after about 75 rounds the gun gets really dirty and the action becomes gritty but it just keeps chugging along. Rides excellent in a SM2 Sticky holster in the pocket, hasn't left my side since I put it through its paces. Been using Fiocchi Extrema as carry ammo. Seems to perform just as well as critical defense and is about 8 dollars cheaper per box.
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    Good news. It was just tearing the paper before as someone predicted. That's a good thing.!
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