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Thread: Looking for cross-draw holster CT45

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    Default Looking for cross-draw holster CT45

    Has anyone found a leather cross-draw holster for the CT45 ?

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    Not sure about fit -- you'll have to check -- but I'd been looking for a leather cross-draw holster with thumbsnap for my K9 and I just got a slightly used Bianchi Special Agent #59. It has a paddle on it for easy on/off, and it can tilt either forward or back, so I expect it will do very well tilted in the cross draw position. It gets high ratings on the sites that sell them new. There are also some custom leather makers who offer options too, just Google "Leather Cross Draw Holster Kahr CT45" (or substitute any other [more popular?] Kahr 45 model that is the same exact size) and see what you get for hits.

    Ebay sellers have some leather cross draw holsters for 2/3 the Bianchi's $65+ retail price (which is why I bought one used), but without a thumbsnap, and maybe you enter that search string there too.

    Good luck.

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