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Thread: Glock Gen 5 bait and switch?

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    I had the opportunity to shoot a Gen 5 G17. The trigger is much better than previous versions. The flared mag well was okay. I got caught up on the grip plug area. You will have to do all the things to Gen 5 that you did to Gen 3 and 4. Scrap the sights, undercut the trigger guard, front slide serrations, polish the internals, plus with Gen 5 file off the sharp edges of the flared mag well and get a grip plug. The front frame doesn't match the new slide taper. The new magazines were orange. I didn't ask if they were back ward compatible. As this Generation floods the market at least the Gen 3 prices will go down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltxi View Post
    I had no idea Glock was now doing Gen 5. Hadn't even quite head bothered with the fact there was a Gen 4 yet.

    I have two Glocks...a Gen 2 G23 and an earliest G27. Both are good reliable and accurate. But have no interest at all in buying new(er)/more.

    I find my G23 in particular a pleasure to shoot. Only double stack I've small hands ever felt really comfortable with.

    Fact be, though, Glocks are essentially appliance guns. Any quality rifling/barrel is more than perfectly adequate. Add to that...most of these guns end up in the hands of professional amateurs and polygonal rifling leads like a b****.
    And another thing....what's all this New And Improved nonsense really about anyway? Reminds me of laundry soap. Beyond Gen 2 Glocks didn't really need improving, and they hit evolutionary good as it needs to be/functionally really gonna get with the Gen 3.

    But then...I'm also perfectly happy with my iPhone 6.
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    I just read that the new M&P Compact 2.0 is G19-sized (i.e. larger and higher capacity than the 1.0). I prefer the M&P over Glock, but the full size is only a smidgeon bigger than the compact. Not sure I'd want it.

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    I think it was a good move for S&W. I read an article, not sure where, kind of pointing out that the G19 is a sweet spot in terms of size. Just big enough to get your whole hand on the grip, but not so large as to be hard to carry concealed or otherwise. S&W skipped that size and went straight to subcompact on their original M&P. Then came out with a Shield that was about the same size. Like a lot of us on the forum, many shooters drop to single stacked when they want a true subcompact sized gun. The 2.0 will likely do better than the subcompact M&P. Of course there are other G19 sized guns. The MRI MR9 is about the same size, as are some other Walther derived pistols. Not sure why S&W didn't do the same originally.
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