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Thread: Miami Herald's instructions to its hurricane reporters

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    Default Miami Herald's instructions to its hurricane reporters

    It is getting very tiresome seeing all the idiotic TV reporters showboating on every channel by standing outside in torrential rains and extreme winds just to show us rubes at home how cool & brave they are. At least the newspaper is playing it smart:

    "My God, Woodrow. It has been quite a party, ain't it?"

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    Lots of Weather Clowns out there.

    We hunkered down in Jacksonville. Finall got the trees trimmed off the house, the upstairs windows covered with Fabric Shield storm panels, and installed the braces on the garage door. We have a large generator, plenty of gas, water, food, batteries, guns, and ammo. I have Kevlar helmets in our back of the closet "shelter" under the stairs with pre-positioned stuff there, too. If it's not much worse than Matthew was in October last year, we'll be fine. Wynn :-)
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    I really, really, really despise those clowns out in the weather, just hoping the eye of the storm will pass right over them, yet telling everyone else to stay inside and sheltered as it is too dangerous. I do remember one such clown who was in Gulfport, MS when Katrina came in. He pretty much regretted ever staying there even with all the warnings and I don't believe he has covered another hurricane since.

    I really enjoyed my time spent down on the gulf coast but I don't miss the summers nor the hurricanes.

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