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    So what is the deal with the P40? Most guns you type into youtube or google you get tons of search results. Type in "Kahr P40" and not a lot pops up. I'm guessing that they're just not that popular due to the caliber.

    My buddy is offering to sell me one he picked up a few years back for $250.

    I plan to replace the recoil spring as soon as I get it. Is there anything else I should know about this model?

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    My P40 is stock and it shoots well for me, no jams, feeds JHP with no issues. Recoil is not excessive and it's an easy pistol to shoot and control. That stiff recoil spring is one reason why, the grip is the other reason. I have no issues with mine. I would shoot at least 500 rounds before changing the spring. I have shot several 380's that hurt my hand because they were small and very light, wouldn't trade my P40 for any of them. I did mount a flashlight and laser on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevh View Post

    My buddy is offering to sell me one he picked up a few years back for $250.
    I don't have a P40, just the CW45 & CW9 - but look at this post before you pay your friend $250 for his used one:

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    Course the P is the premium version of the CW & CT? What that does to the value I'm not certain of.

    No issue with it being a quality gun. I'm slipping away with the 40 caliber myself but many love it more than any other.
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