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Thread: Ruger MK IV owners

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    Default Ruger MK IV owners

    I've been reading of a potential issue (I guess more than potential as failures have occurred) with the OEM firing pin.
    Folks have had them break and, once broken, the pin can damage the breech face of the barrel.
    Here's where I first read about this:

    On Rimfire Central: Notice this one is posted in the MK III forum, so it would seem the new design FP is being used in them as well.

    There's a thread on, but it was started by the OP of the firingline thread using the same info.

    [<a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Great, I just picked up a 22/45 Mk IV tactical at a gun show 3 weeks ago. I will be checking on getting a different firing pin after reading this. Thanks Greg
    BTW the little .22 has been great so far with about 400+/- flawless rounds through it.

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