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Thread: PM 9 Upgrades

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    Personally, I like 'em ready to go right out of the box. Serious prices are being asked for handguns today and I'd hate to think the manufacturers would hold back knowing buyers are willing to send them back for some expensive tuning up that should have been done on the gun to begin with. YMMV
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    Agreed. How much of the tuning is really needed? I have had pretty good luck with Kahr, Browning, Sig, HK and Ruger right out of the box. I have seen a lot of shooter induced issues that could be fixed by reading the manual and a lot more time at the range. Just my opinion

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    Yesterday doing a complete disassembly of my CM9 I discovered just how easy it is to replace any part on the pistol. Much easier than my CZ P-07 by far. My problem was getting the back slide plate off...that was a chore compared to doing that to my CW380 I had for some reason. Think I will get a steel striker spring rod as I noticed just a little chipping on the plastic rod....with only a few hundred rounds thru it, makes me think the metal will be better in the long run. Was going to put fiber optic front sight on, but I painted it day glow yellow and it is just fine. Outside of that, the typical fluff and buff on moving parts that I did, I'm leaving it stock.

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    I know glocks come with plastic sites, for the price they could at least put steel sights on the gun, I am anxious to get my hands on my Kahr:-)

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