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Thread: Default Lucky person Shot a Demo Nano

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    Default Default Lucky person Shot a Demo Nano

    This a direct quote from WRGDOG on the Beretta Forum:

    "The Beretta Rep was at the LGS today when I visited, and the manager knowing my fondness for all things Beretta, arranged for me to shoot the rep's demo gun. The gun is slightly larger and heavier than my PM9, but still suitable for pocket carry in a DeSantis Nemisis. Shot two mags and really liked the gun, very managable recoil and very accurate. Couple of observation, there is no slide release button, you must drop the mag and pull the slide slightly to the rear to go into battery, the button on the side must be pushed inward with a pen or punch to block the striker before removing the slide, and the slide is removed by turning the takedown button with a coin or flathead screwdriver. The slide and guide rod spring assembly are substantially more heavy duty than those in my PM9. I told the LGS that I would take one when they arrive for sale which is supposed to be next week. I believe Beretta hit a home run with this gun."

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    Hmm, this seems to be a cut and paste from another member's post from 2011:

    If you a legitimate reason for doing this, contact me by PM to explain what that is, until then I'm locking this thread.
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