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Thread: So I found this wonderful forum. Now it's decision time.

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    Thumbs up So I found this wonderful forum. Now it's decision time.

    My New Years resolution was to CCW every day. Did great until hot July arrived and then not so good. I was drawn to the Kahr P380 from reviews and gun shop talk but understand there can be issues, mainly ammo and improper breakin. Now I'm hearing a lot about the PM 9 and researching this platform. Reliability seems to be better but it's a little bit larger and weighs about 4 or 5 ounces more. But, 9mm beats .380.

    I'm around 6'2" and 210 pounds. I have gone almost exclusively to 9mm but I want a true pocket gun that is light enough and small enough to be carried in hot weather. I wear quality gun belts. So give me your thoughts? Is the PM 9 a contender against the P 380 for pocket carry? I wear jeans not cargo pants.

    Thanks in advance
    Steve aka P7rancher

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    My MK9 could be but you should look at one and decide.

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    The 380s are much better than the reviews would make you think. My CW380 has been perfect for over 1500 rounds since the first 100. I have a PM9 but carry the 380 almost all of the time due to size and weight. There are a lot of good people here to help you if you do have problems. Remember that everyone that has a problem posts, but those that do not have problems are seldom heard from.

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    I have both a CM9 & a CW380. Sometimes I pocket carry the CM9, but sometimes it's too much and I carry the CW380. I like having both so I have a choice!

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    My CW380 required a trip to Kahr after 300 rounds of break in to become reliable. I believe the newer production runs are better, but Kahr's customer service is top notch,and I would happily buy another one. Once it was running properly, it's become one of my favorite pistols to shoot. It has outstanding sights for such a small pistol, and has the excellent Kahr trigger.

    I also have a CM9. Once I broke it in properly---and you can find the information on this forum---it was reliable. I've run 200 rounds through it, and haven't experienced a single malfunction.

    I usually carry them both. CM9 IWB, and the CW380 in my pocket. And the nice thing about Kahrs is the various models all have the same trigger. So you can have a K9 or MK9 for range use and carry their polymer doppelgangers. My MK9 gets more range time than my CM9, but trigger time with the MK9 directly translates to improved skill with the CM9

    Why not carry the MK9? Ounces equal pounds, and it's a heavy little chunk of stainless.

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    I would carry a 9 rather than a 380. I want all of the advantages I can get.

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    Everyone's experience will differ, I'm sure. FWIW, I've owned two CW380s. My first turned out to be problematic, but even after selling it I was obsessed with the model and finally succumbed to the promise of what I believe, at least in terms of potential, is the best micro-.380 on the market. Turns out my first pistol wasn't a second has proven to be a bit problematic, too, although my last time out it shot FMJ very consistently. You can't beat its trigger, sights, and feel in the hand for a pistol that size

    By contrast, both my MK9 and PM9 were wonderfully successful purchases. My MK9, used, was a joy right from the beginning, without a single malfunction. It also makes the 9mm round feel like .380. My PM9, purchased new, had 2 failures within the first 120 rounds, and since then has been flawless. It isn't as soft a shooter as the heavy MK9, but it is easier to carry.

    Good luck with your choice....

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    Two thumbs up for a CM9. If you want an up close and personal self defense gun IMO the CM9 fits the need 100%. Does not have the cosmetic frills, sight choices and the polygonal barrel, but is still very accurate, especially in the 7-15 yard self defense range. Also can put a fiber optic on the front sight if you desire. CW 380 is smaller and a very good gun also. The cost of 380 acp ammo vs 9m, and the ability to have a slightly better round of the 9mm for self defense are worth thinking about. Overall cost of the CM9 compared to the higher priced Kahr 9mm (PM9 , MK9 ) pistols makes it a very affordable highly dependable and concealable CCW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P7rancher View Post
    I'm around 6'2" and 210 pounds.
    You're big enough that you should be able to carry a small 9mm in your pockets without much difficulty. Little guys like me carry .380s because even pocket-sized 9mms are too big for anything but holster carry.

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    Jocko, a well known long term member of dubious back ground pocket carries a PM9 nearly every waking moment in jeans.

    I don't know just how big he is, seen a picture but never met the legend in person. I'd guess he's in the 5'10'' range based on the Hooters girls he had in the picture with him.

    I don't think you'd have any issue carrying a CM9 in your pocket. I'm not a pocket carry guy, never have been and never will be but to many that's the only option.

    I'm also not a 380 guy so there's no question at all as to which I would choose between your considerations.!
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