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Thread: So I found this wonderful forum. Now it's decision time.

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    I'm a believer in the p380 and cw380. Great shooting pocket pistols. I agree the P is not worth the extra money, unless you get a great bargain. Pocket carry is all I can do every day. If I carried IWB it would be something bigger.
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    P7rancher, I would go with the CM9; mine CM9 is my EDC, sometimes pocket (easily), sometimes IWB (prefered)/OWB ; one very important thing to remember is the cost of 9mm v 380. the more ammo will cost you the less you will eventually practice. the little guns are underrated at extended range (70/120ft.) but even at closer ranges practice is needed to consistantly control recoil and deal with that short (very small margin of error) sight radius. if you can,do a IDPA match; it will be a real eye opener of how you and your Kahr do, and will be fun besides!


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