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Thread: New Kahr... Having problems

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    Default New Kahr... Having problems

    Grabbed a CW9 last week. Googled it, Cleaned it, lubed it, racked it a bunch of times, cleaned a bunch of plastic out of it, lubed it. Brand new. I read the manual but there was very little in there to be honest.

    Been going to the range every other day or so since i got it. I've thrown about 200 rounds down range this week and have had too many problems to count. I know they are supposed to have a break in period but this is crazy. I have used a variety of ammo, all brass FMJ. I only have one magazine at this time. I have a second "rebate" 7rd coming from Kahr and purchased a couple 8rds also Kahr but from a different vendor.

    I can put the pistol in a vice and the magazine will still fall out. It doesn't happen on any particular round but it does happen on nearly every magazine. This causes a failure to feed more often than not. Obvious culprits are my thumb and not seating the magazine... but at this point there is absolutely no way that is possible, it has been empirically proven - the magazine simply falls out all on its own.

    I have had failures to fire where the round has no dimple and I still got a click. I have very little idea as to why this is possible. I'm pretty sure the trigger feels different when it is about to not-fire. I have honestly never experienced the feeling that comes from a click when expecting a bang. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but this gun is doing it to me in some way with every magazine.

    I really want to like the gun, and for the most part I do. I shoot well with it, certainly.

    But even taking it apart is depressing. I honestly don't enjoy cleaning it because it has a bunch of burrs and is marred here and there. Black drips of plastic in the slide. I don't get it. It was supposed to be not a cheap gun. The fit and finish is really bad in my opinion. I gave it the benefit of doubt, break in period and all... But there is really no way these things are going to get smoothed out...

    I want help with it so i'm holding back a rant, but honestly I don't understand how this is even acceptable lol. What kind of lazy POS doesn't wipe off excess plastic before it cures? Honestly laughable.

    Are your guys' slides jagged as hell? Would you be OK with this? Why the hell is my magazine dropping out? Seems unrelated but who knows.
    The polymer grip is also pretty dang jagged, i can take pictures of that but seems less important for some reason.

    There are 4 pictures, I think they were too big and preventing me from posting.



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    From what I see that slide is rough and if you are having malfunctions every magazine after 200 rounds I'd call Kahr. Offer to send them the pics too after calling. My Kahr 9mm's had a couple of burrs on the polymer slide rails that cleaned up but my slides have no machining issues. They also have been 100% reliable out of the box and I've had 3 9mm's so far with the CW9 being the best.

    Talk nice to them and explain what you have and they should take of you and you'll be happy in the end. If they don't offer ask nicely for a shipping label and you'll probably get one via email.
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    Send it back to Kahr and get it fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPTKILLER View Post
    Send it back to Kahr and get it fixed.
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    My only experience has been with the P series of Kahrs, bought new and used, and mine all looked cleanly machined. Your pictures resolution doesn't give the clearest view, but that slide looks to me like it was milled with worn tooling. I'd send it back also.

    For magazine drops I'd think the mag catch or your one magazine is the issue, assuming the frame cut for the catch is not wrong, and was installed properly (spring firmly holding the catch in place.

    For failure to fire (click, no dimple), I'd suspect the striker channel may be as rough as the underside appears, or as was the case with my brand new TP45, milled out metal shavings were in the channel which I clean out myself. I have no doubt that would cause failures if left in there. You might try detail stripping the slide, inspecting the channel and cleaning it out with synthetic safe gun scrubber or equivalent. The channel and all striker parts should be kept dry so as not to attract fouling and slow the striker.

    Last, you didn't mention what other kinds of malfs you had during your break in, but you could check two additional things: field strip the gun and mount the slide without the recoil spring assembly. The slide and barrel should unlock and lock smoothly as you manually cycle it. If it is rough that might contribute to feed or extraction failures. Once you get the feel of it this way you could do the same with the RSA in place as normal.

    But yeah, send it back
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    I concur with the other guys on this. That slide has a whole lotta ugliness. Maybe they'll slap on a new slide and a magazine catch.

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    Unfortunately i'm in CA so they were closed by the time I called Friday.
    My gun shop guy actually told me that he had mag problems too and they sent him a mag release spring and metal catch that resolved it.

    I blasted the striker with brake cleaner during the first two cleanings. I haven't since but i don't over oil so much that i think anything is getting in the striker assembly. After shooting I field strip, wipe it clean with rem-oil, wipe it dry, a little Lucas on the points, and i'm done.

    I haven't had any failures to eject or double feeds at all. I have had maybe 3 rounds with striker marks. All of which fired on a second attempt. Most of my failure to fires are empty chamber or round without dimple. I'd have to estimate around 25 of these, fairly evenly spread.

    I don't have a proper macro lens but at least these were taken with a real camera.
    In these pictures it is oiled and maybe has some GSR, but i don't think it is too hard to tell what is what.



    There is another thing i want to mention just in case it isn't normal. I wish the trigger bar spring didn't drag along the trigger bar as it traverses the mag well. It is literally the only thing i can hear when pulling the trigger slowly - I mean that in the best way possible. The way it catches and drags forward on the bar slightly, then hops back. This is not a big deal, looking at the part diagram it appears that it is intentional. I can't really get it at for a decent photo, but you can see it here.


    I'll take some time to contact Kahr Monday Morning.

    I guess I could take a look into taking apart the striker and checking it out but i think i'll wait and see what Kahr decides before i go in.
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    The trigger bar will smooth out with time. Some help it along with some smoothing as best you can. Some add a bit of grease, other think it's best to let it drag so it smooths itself out.
    I usually go with the grease myself.

    The mag catch should be an easy fix. But that slide does look rough in quite a few places. I think it's worthy of a trip back.

    Have to see what they say.
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    I would definitely send it back.

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    Yeah, that slide looks like it was machined with a chainsaw inside.
    My new CW9 was really clean out of the box with very little oil & no plastic shavings. The slide looks just fine, but smoothed a couple burrs on the mag lips. Got the free promo mag, but it is ok. Haven't shot the gun yet.
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