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Thread: My Sundays, except for the mornings, are now completely free!

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    Default My Sundays, except for the mornings, are now completely free!

    Along with my Monday nights...

    After watching the National Anthem for the Broncos/Bills game today I'll no longer be watching another NFL game. I haven't been watching much over the past couple years as it was but I've been a life long Broncos fan and watch them, and sometimes the Saints.

    But when I saw over 3/4's of both teams kneeling or sitting, no more. I have no problem with what Trump said but evidently the NFL does.

    Those kneeling say they are not showing any disrespect to the country, flag, military, first responders, ect. They say they are only trying to bring attention'm not really sure. I don't buy it and I don't appreciate the disrespect they ARE showing to my flag, my country and my fellow service members and first responders.

    They say I just don't understand. I understand plenty. These are the same folks who don't "understand" someone who wishes to fly the Confederate flag. They say it stands for racism and slavery. They are the ones who don't understand.

    I guess this year at the Superbowl, which I won't be watching, they will burn the flag at halftime?

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    I got your back on this one AJ. I don't watch much football either but probably won't watch any now.

    Guys make more money in one season than I'll make in a lifetime and they pull this crap.

    I'm looking for a large Confederate Flag to fly as well. All the PC correct places like Ebay etc quit selling them.
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    Normally, I watch 3 to 5 football games a week…..NO MORE, I'm done with the NFL!!

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    Agree 110 % I haven't watched much over the past couple years, but now plan to not watch any.

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    I quit the day that kaepernick idiot's activist wife decided he should make a statement. I live in MN where the 2018 Superbowl will be held and if by chance the Vikings were to play I would still watch reruns of the Kardashians as opposed to do anything to support the NFL.
    Shut up players and run to the bank with your bundles of cash. Capitalism made that all possible for many of you to drive around town in your Hummer and act like a thug while not in uniform.
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    I guess everyone is now allowed to bring up all the issues they had as a youngster, how terrible it was. Everyone is allowed to interject their garbage. What was said actually has nothing to do with race, color or anything else. Pride and love of country is all I see here. I even heard some things about white privilege. They can come and talk to me about white privilege. Didn't have a damn thing growing up, and still don't really, compared to others. Don't hear me whining, and I still stand for the anthem. Spoiled, liberal, athletes who had their schoolwork done for them because they're dumber than a box of rocks. Lucky they had those "privileged" to do their homework for them. Your welcome........................................... .............................................

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    ^^^^^All of the Above!

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    Agreed. I do not watch much sports but I did like the occasional NFL game. No more. This kneeling business is disgusting. There are those who have the decency, respect and/or patriotism to stand for the anthem and those who don't. I won't have anything to do with the latter. Period.

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    I lost all interest in the NFL in 1989 .... after Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and fired Tom Landry. I'll stop there before I refer to body excrement in relation to Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson ....

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    It's not gun control that we need, it's soul control!

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    I too am done with the NFL and this comes from a diehard lifelong Atlanta Falcons fan.....Sunday they played the Lions in Detroit and the game started with a black performer singing the National Anthem which he did a nice job of up until the last line of "Home of the Brave" then he took a knee and held up his right fist in a black power salute....Shame on him and whoever picked him to sing....Disgusting...

    The players say this is about "Social Injustice" to blacks in America, well here a few interesting facts:

    The NFL is composed of 70% + of black males give or take a given year...

    The average salary across the board is 2 million dollars a year with a few making less but the majority making much more...

    The base salary is $465,000 a year which isn't too shabby to start out a new job with and the league has a $15,000 per year salary increase for every player....I only wish my employer was so generous, last year we got a 1.5 % raise which is the first in the last 3 years....

    All this crap started out with the Zimmerman self defense shooting and later the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson where he didn't have his hands up and didn't say don't shoot but attacked a Police Officer and tried to take a his gun which ended up with Michael leaving this life which is what he was asking for....This kicked off the "black lives matter" B.S. And now has NFL players spitting on the flag by taking a knee during the National Anthem which is the same flag that has draped the coffins of many good young men who gave it all so that rich punk thug NFL players can protest their feelings of injustice...

    Perhaps if the African American players really worried about "Social Injustice" they would take their protest to the inner city gettos and speak to young black men who would listen to them.....They should talk about things like why black men make up way less than 30% of the population but make up over 65% of our prison inmates....

    The players could ask why there have been 507 black on black murders in Chicago alone this year and there are still 3 months left to go and that's just one city....

    Talk to them about living a life of crime and drugs in the gangs and where that's going to take them, prison or 6 feet under

    Tell them that if a Police Officer tells them to do something JUST DO IT and don't run, resist or start shooting and everything will work out fine and end well....

    Ask them why 72% of black babies born today are born out of wedlock and will probably never know who their father is and what kind of future that child will face without guidance and support from a caring adult.......

    These are the real issues facing black Americans today and it's not social injustice, it's problems the African American community and culture must face and solve for themselves and it's not something that will be solved on a football field sideline by over paid thugs playing a kids game.....

    Next Sunday after church I think I'll go to the range and forget football and all the rich owners and players can kiss this fans ass......Rant finished, thanks
    The Federal Government can not give anyone a single penny that it has not taken away from someone else….

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