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Thread: Light Primer Strikes, FTF

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    For the light primer strikes I'd try a different ammo just for the heck of it. Maybe they're using some harder primers. Not sure if we can buy a higher power striker spring or not.

    The recoil spring you mentioned I may need to replace on mine too as its very easy to rack and I probably have 1500+ rounds through mine. I do like the easy racking though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonW View Post
    I've had bad luck with perfecta ammo not feeding right in my CW40. kept getting double feeds. Switched to better known big name brands and the "problem" went away... The light strike issue. I suggest getting a can of Birchwood Casey gun scrubber & stick the red tube in the channel clean out hole under the slide near the firing pin & flush it out until clean. It's possible there may be a build up of oil & carbon in the firing pin channel.
    I always had good results with Perfecta before. I think it's irrelevant now because Walmart never has it anymore. I do use the Birchwood Casey and spray out the striker channel.

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    I had a P45 with the same issues. Installed a new spring set (and, yes, the recoil spring was difficult) and a new striker, among other things... never could get 100% reliability. I traced it to what I believe was a short-chambered barrel; I contacted Kahr CS, they weren't real receptive or helpful, so I just traded it off for another 110% reliable CW9.

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    Only having one Kahr and little experience with other models, it doesn't seem like a spring should be needed after 400 or 800 rounds. I've got about 2000 through my CM9 after a visit to the factory a few hundreds rounds ago for fail to fire.

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    If you haven't, strip the slide down, remove the striker, squirt it out, run a Qtip in the channel. Metal from primer swipe gets in there and just spraying in won't remove all the gunk.
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