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Thread: Locating an MK9 Elite

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    Default Locating an MK9 Elite

    I have been trying to locate an MK9 Elite with no luck. Everywhere I call I am told the same thing. We don't have it and none of our distributors have it either. I called Kahr and was told all they need to do is have their distributor put in an "E" order. I told that to a dealer that and said that was correct. When the same dealer said their distributor didn't have it, I asked can they place the "E" order. They called me back and said the distributor said they don't know where I heard that and they cannot get the handgun. I hope someone can help with some positive advice.

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    Found some on gunbroker. None of the usual online sites seem to have any of the elite.
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    Default Tombstone Tactical @ $864.68 including shipping

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