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Thread: slide not locking back on empty mag

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    Default slide not locking back on empty mag

    is there a fix for this...i have 3 mags, 2 6 rounders and 1 7 rounder for my cm9. when i insert and empty 6 rounder i cant get the slide to lock open when racking it. when i insert the 7 rounder it locks open easy.

    on occasion i can get the slide to lock open with a 6 round mag, but as soon as i drop the mag out the slide slams closed...

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    Lakeline metal followers are the answer. Been having this problem intermittently along with mystery misfeeds in my PM40. Tried different ammo, tried replacement oem new design followers but since switching to lakeline after 100's of rounds with no trouble it's safe to say problem solved.

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    Try swapping the follower out of the 7 rounder into the 6 rounder and see if that works. Maybe the follower is off somehow.!
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    My CW 380 had the same problem caused by a weak mag spring.

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    My CM9 wouldn't lock the slide back after the last shot when it was new either. I mean, each and every mag. It wasn't until after I blew about 400 rounds thru it then it started locking back each time.

    Just shoot the heck out of the thing, clean/lube after each trip to the range. From what the OP is describing, that sounds like a really tight recoil spring.... Lock the slide back and let it sit for a day or so.... work the slide back N forth to loosen it up.

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