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Thread: Anybody having problems with a CM40 feeding properly?

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    Default Anybody having problems with a CM40 feeding properly?

    I just bought a CM40 just to get a feel for shooting .40s&w and every time I take it shooting I get FTW and FTE AT LEAST 1/3 of the time. I've taken it apart and cleaned it through my multiple times and I've also polished the barrel ramp with glitz so that it looks like chrome. I've been using Speer lawman 180 gr. and federal hst job. The Speer is by far less reliable, but I'm still not getting 100% reliability with the federal. I have around 450 rounds thru the gun, so it should be broken in. Anyone else have problems with this particular model feeding truncated bullets? Just curious. I have a p380 and pm9 and they both operated flawlessly out of the box with less than 3 malfunctions in the break in period and never now that they are both broken in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    What is a "FTW"?
    If FTE is fail to extract, might be an extractor issue. I would call Kahr tech service and see what they say, if they send you a new extractor, not difficult to replace. They might want the pistol sent back to the mother ship.

    If the extractor profile is not correct, it could impair proper feeding also.

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    Hey, Richard.
    Don't be discouraged. Guns are like cars--sometimes you have to send them to the shop. But once a gun is dialed in, it will probably be perfect for many, many years. Did you try running round nose through the gun?

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