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Thread: 22 Long Rifle Version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieR View Post
    I had an Advantage Arms 26/27LE slide when I still had my Glock 26. Ran just fine with Golden Bullets and CCI. It can be done, but not sure with the Kahr cam. It is a kinda short throw. But it sure would be fun if they could do it.
    Funny you should say that. My friend lent me his G26/27 with the A.A. on it and it never missed a beat. While I had it I wondered how they could get 10 rnds. into the shorter mags and I could only get 10 rnds. into the much longer A.A. 17/23 mags.

    Well I figured it out, so now wife's A.A. 17/23 mags hold 15 rnds. This was before A.A. came out with their propriety 15 & 25 mags. My 15 was cheaper and and is a flush mounted to fame.

    The funny part of all this was when I tried to order A.A. 26/27 mag parts from the company which were located in Kalifornia. I was asked why I wanted them. I made the mistake of telling them it as to expand the capacity of A.A. 17/23. They refused to sell me the parts telling me it was illegal to sell parts that expanded a mag to more then 10 rds. I explained that I lived in Oregon and was not restricted to any such law. It fell on deaf ears.

    So I had to make my own parts to create 13 rnd mags because I didn't want to reshape the stock followers. Years later A.A. started selling mag parts so I finally got it done

    I hd to mod the 17/23 mag body a bit but it doesn't effect going back to 10 rnd configurations

    I believe the 15 rnd. capacity will only work for G17 mags. I'm guessing for G15 mags the count would be less. I don't know about other calibers.
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