I'm sure most of you know the Zoot Shooters started in Colorado. I shoot as the "G Man" at ZS matches but that's not my only alter ego. I also shoot as "Bat Masterson" at SASS and NCOWS Cowboy action shoots. Let me tell you about another place to shoot that Tommy in competition in Colorado.

The Sand Creek Raiders http://www.sandcreekraiders.com/ are a SASS Cowboy action shooting club. We have been shooting what we refer to as our Wild Bunch Matches on months with a 5th Sunday for about 10 years now. You will need three or more guns designed between 1892 and 1921. Handgun(s), a shotgun and a pistol caliber rifle (Hint: the 1927 or 28 Tommy looks enough like the original 1921 Trench Broom to qualify). Now don't confuse this with the new SASS Wild Bunch matches that won't allow Thompsons.

Look over the rules and gun list. If you think you would like to come out and play we would be happy to have you and as many of your friends as you can fit in your wagon or horseless carriage. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Hope to see you on the range.