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Thread: K9 stainless finish, resistance to the elements?

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    RonW gets the BINGO for today! I have guys here that want to jump on every new trend that comes down the pike.

    The old stuff works and has done so for a long long time. The trick is to use it once in awhile. Inspect, clean and lube once in awhile even if you don't shoot.

    I took enough lint and junk out of a deputies little Walther PPK he used for a back up in an ankle holster to knit a pair of lederhosen. He couldn't figure out why it didn't run smooth.

    Over thinking seems to be a trend these days, like political correctness. Leave my statues alone!!!!
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    Over the years I've used Rem oil, Hoppes oil, Singer sewing machine oil, and a bit of white grease. It's all good. I wish I had a stake in all of the expensive lubes for handguns. I'd be rich for sure, and I've never seen any of them work as well as plain old oil.

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    I am with the Colonel, if you clean lube often. What you use doesn't matter a whole lot.

    My dad used 3n1 oil on all his firearms. He only had 4, and he used them often. Never had a speck of rust or a malfunction.
    Me, myself, I use Super Lube grease, and Royal Purple Synthetic ATF. No problems. I have friends that swear by other stuff.

    So...I really doesn't matter. Shoot'em, clean'm, and lube 'um. Repeat often, no problems.
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