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Thread: Kahr Service Turn around time

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    Default Kahr Service Turn around time

    I sent my new CT380 in for failure to feed after I did all I could do to it on September 9th. I emailed Ian at Kahr and asked them if they had lost it............and he said that they did have it and the turn around time is 5 weeks from the date they received it. I gave the package to a FEDEX driver so they should have received it by September 15th. Seems like a long time to me........

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    Local gunsmiths also have pretty long turn around. It seems this would be a good field for someone to go into. SUPPLY AND DEMAND
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    Don't feel so bad, I sent my M&P 9 to Smith & Wesson's performance center for some upgrades & their turn around time is 3-4 months.

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    If you look at it this way, there are approx. 350 million firearms in the U.S. give or take, and if you take away the firearms that are worked on by their owners, that still leaves a boatload of firearms. If even only a quarter of their owners are sending their firearms to a gunsmith, that's probably a massive amount of firearms per gunsmith. People should be so lucky to get a firearm even looked at in 5 weeks

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