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Thread: Wanted - K9 Stainless variant mag release and stainless grip screws

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    Default Wanted - K9 Stainless variant mag release and stainless grip screws

    Hi guys,

    I have just seen the Numrich Gun Parts do no long ship internationally, i am located in South Africa and i am in need of the stainless K9 magazine catch (017K9S part number on Kahr website) and 4 of the stainless K9 grip screws (040K9S part number on Kahr Website).

    In the past i have always used Numrich but now that avenue too is closed to me, does anyone have these parts or do Kahr offer international shipping, i have a mail into them now to ask after this.

    Would anyone know any other online resource that may still ship parts internationally. For us guys here in South Africa it can be a challenge to get parts here if the guns are not the likes of Glock or such, as far as that goes we always had to turn to Numrich and Brownells, however i always found Numrich had the parts i wanted where Brownells not always so much.

    Thank you in advance guys

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    Andy - It looks like Kahr does ship internationally.

    Their shipping rates here are pretty high too. Often times the shipping costs more than the part!

    Might be a good idea to pick up some common maintenance parts like springs and such to avoid having to pay the high shipping costs again....

    This page on the Kahr website discusses international shipping, but obviously no rates are given. Good Luck!

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    thank you kindly Ed, that is a relief for me, i will take your advise and order some springs as well as some bits and bobs.

    To be honest i am happy to pay the shipping just to know the parts will arrive and are available to us out here in the sticks, hahaha.

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    Is it tough for a private party to ship to South Africa? A person placing an order could combine some stuff and then ship it to you.

    If Kahr ships, that would no doubt be quicker but if not, there must be other ways.!
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    If this helps, stainless Kahr grip screws are identical to 1911 grip screws. Depending on the thickness of the Kahr grip, you may need to use shorter thin grip or longer standard length 1911 screws. I think most Kahr grips will usually need short screws to prevent contacting the magazine, but the longer ones can always be cut down or used with tiny O-rings.

    I also think that the mag release is the same. I believe I read it here. I compared my K9 to a 1911 Officers Model and they appeared identical, but I could not get the 1911 part to quite fit into the K9. I think I could have made it work with what gun parts sellers choose to call "minor fitting". Some of the wise Kahrtalk gurus may be able to confirm this.
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