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    Iíve been carrying concealed firearms for 48 years. The first 20 something years I carried S&W and Colt .38 Specials. In the mid 90ís I purchased and continue to carry a 9mm S&W 3913. I have now decidied the 3913 is just too heavy so I began looking for something smaller. I think I have seen and handled just about every make of pocket sized semi-auto made. Hereís the sad part. Iím a resident of Florida. My wife is a resident of Michigan and thatís where we are right now. I never knew that you must take delivery of a hand gun in the state where you live. So uniti I get back down there the new PM9 Iíve bought is in the dealerís safe in Fort Myers. Anyway this is a fascinating site and I look forward to digging in.

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    Howdy from Central Texas!

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    Same here!

    The PM9 was the first Kahr I bought - when they first came out. My oldest son now owns it.
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