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Thread: A little scenario question

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    Quote Originally Posted by yqtszhj View Post
    Yeah, good for them they live in Snoqualmie but they tell me there are some neighbors who must eat Fruit Loops for breakfast daily.

    Back on gun topic, got the notice that the CZ 75 SP-01 I ordered is inbound. It may fit in our scenario role in the future. May decide to sell something to pay for it but all my low cap pistols that I dont shoot or carry have been sold so any sell may be regrettable. Darn CZ's are habit forming.
    I'd be shocked if you don't LOVE your CZ 75 SP 01 tac. If you want any ideas about some upgrades I have some suggestions and I'm sure there are other folks here that can chime in with some good ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIRret View Post
    So YOU'VE been around Bawanna when he's in the "all together" i.e naked as a jay bird?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Nah...I just know 'cause of somethin' my wife told me once. "Oh, just stop acting all full of yourself! You've seen one naked Colonel, you've pretty much seen 'em all."

    That and the pics on the internet.
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    Easy answer to a difficult question. If I have to draw from my stock an HK 45c and an HK Compact USP 45 with a couple of extra mags for each.

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