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Thread: Happy Birthday Marines!

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    Default Happy Birthday Marines!

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    Having a son in the corp, this is a big day for us now days as well.

    This year for him, the highlight will be "maybe" a hot meal.

    He called via Sat phone a couple days ago. He's somewhere in Iraq, no buildings in sight with only his 6 guys. Lots of foreign people around. We're trying to figure it out. No water, they truck in drinking water, hasn't seen a shower in 2 weeks, living in a fox hole. They told him they had the worst sand storm in I don't recall how many years and what saved them is they left a truck. All six climbed in the truck. Lasted 2 hours. When it was done, they had to dig to find their gear.
    I don't understand why if they are delivering drinking water, why they aren't rotating guys ever few days.
    Maybe he's leaving something out due to rules, loose lips sink dune buggies or something.

    I laughed so hard, he said it wasn't so bad, they wouldn't be there long, supposed to go to Kuwait (the original plan) by Christmas.
    I told him dude, that's 2 months away, that's a long time living in a hole.

    Happy Birthday Marines.!
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    Marines ROCK…..Happy Birthday.

    Bawanna give your Marine our regards, we are praying for him!

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    I said it elsewhere, but just got here a day late. Happy 244th Birthday, Marines! Happy Veterans' Day to all of my brothers-in-arms.

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