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Thread: Senate bill 2095

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    Default Senate bill 2095

    S. 2095 - A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

    So Dianne Feinstein is at it again, after the failed attempt at the "assault weapons" ban in 2013 she has reintroduced the legislation with more vaguery and verbiage which would make it easier for them to eventually go for the big gun grab.

    I have only seen parts of the bill as the full text is not on the congress website yet, but as far as my limited brain can understand it appears to ban any semiautomatic gun with a detachable box magazine that has ever had a version of the gun made into a full automatic. So bye bye Glocks, CZs, and other popular pistols that have ever been produced with select fire option.

    The fact is that while these types of bills have no chance of passing now, they could in the future, and they are intentionally vague so as to allow for their own interpretation. I tend to be pretty level headed person but the audacity of these legislators to strip our rights and think we are too stupid to notice just burns my biscuits.
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    They need to put age limits on all Senate, Congress, and House positions. These old friggen dinosaurs on both sides of the fence, just want to sit and bicker about anything. They're living in a world which doesn't exist any more. Time to move on to retirement and let some less foggy minds get their two cents in.

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    Ironically...Ms Fiendstein was done until Trump got elected.
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    Self defense is a God given right!! Even the wildlife know it!

    Yes, we need to fight these ridiculous bills…….BUT the real key is control of the supreme court. Without that we loose!

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