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Thread: PM9 trigger reset failure to return to battery problem

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    Default PM9 trigger reset failure to return to battery problem


    I am running a new to me PM9 through it's routine and I am getting frequent (one or two per mag fired) failure to fire. I have investigated and cleaned and it is basically failing to reset the trigger, which I think is technically failure to return to battery. I can put my finger behind the trigger and push out (towards end of barrel) and 95% of the time it resets and can continue firing. Once I had to half rack and tap to reset it. I have no feed issues or extractipn issues and it goes boom everytime as long as the trigger is reset. When it fails to fire the trigger just does nothing when you pull it. Using some Federal classic hollows that I have not had any problems with in other guns, it is not the striker, it is the cocking or trigger reset at issue.

    I am not sure if the cock cam is worn or if there are other springs that may be causing this? If it's something I can do that would be great, but otherwise how does one go about sending one to the mothership for a fix? Is this a common problem? I can't obviously carry the gun until this is resolved and reliability proven.

    Thanks for your help.

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    how many rounds have you run through the PM9 ? it may just need to go through the 500 rnd. break in on the recoil spring assembly; I do a lot of dry firing with my CM9 and notice that the slide retracts very little before trigger reset (that would be at the very end of the slide returning to battery). after almost 7000 rnd. fired, my original recoil spring is still very stiff. if this is a broken in PM9, you might spend the dough for a new recoil spring assembly. I bought a new one just as a spare in the range bag.



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    Thanks for response. I have personally run 150 through it but it is used and by all appearances has had at least 500 and possibly a couple thousand down the pipe. If it is something as simple as a new spring that would be great. Manual racking and dry fire is flawless so I can't figure out the cause. I don't think it's a user error as limp wristing usually causes fail to feed and I am getting impressive grouping from the gun after getting the hang of it.

    It's going to be pricey and take a long time if I have to send it in, they told me 5 weeks over the phone. I can't knowingly pass it off on someone else either.

    I would hope someone else could chime in and help me gain consensus on what other people have had to do to fix this. Also, I would like to get a stronger mag release as it's a bit prone to early drop if I bump it.

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    IMHO I'd look at the extractor.
    I've read and experienced where the slides won't go into battery when releasing the slide stop or if like us drop a round into the chamber and then ride the slide forward. I seem to remember Kahr recommends the sling shot method to chamber the first round.

    I've worked on 7 Kahrs, PM9, K9, CW9, and soon a P9. I find that the extractor hook bottom corner is too sharp and as the rim tries to go under the extractor in a controlled feed, it binds between this sharp corner, breech face and stiff extractor spring. So I round off the sharp corner a bit and polish it.

    For us, we always chamber the first round by dropping the round into the chamber and then riding the slide forward for a push feed mode. For this I polish the front face of the extractor. Now we can ride the slide forward and the extractor easily goes around the rim or all it takes is a finger push to seat.

    Guns work flawlessly.

    Remember Kahrs have a steep / off set ramp angle for the rounds to go up into the chamber, so I believe the extractor causes a bind. This angle also starts to deform the bullet nose if chambering the same round over and over again out of the mag. That's why we drop in the first round. We also do this on our 1911's even though people say this is a no no.

    Again this is what works for us. YMMV

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