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Thread: .357 L5 actual barrel length

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    Default .357 L5 actual barrel length

    Anybody know what the actual barrel length (rifled) is on a .357 L5? Looks like it must be closer to 4 in than 5 considering the overall length is an inch or so shorter than a standard 6in model and there's about an inch of muzzle brake. Thanks

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    I just measured mine and yes, it's tight at 4" from the breech face to the end of the rifling.

    FWIW, I get around 200 fps faster velocities out of the 6" barrel on my MK-XIX, vs the L5.

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    I am glad this question finally got answered... and I was interested in how much difference in velocity it would make... extra good answer.

    4" is getting pretty short for the amount of powder behind most magnum rounds, in my opinion. When I decided to get a muzzle brake for a .50AE Desert Eagle, I opted for the external brake, rather than buying a barrel with an internal one, as I didn't want to loose any velocity.

    When I Chronograph ammo test with the Desert Eagle, I always test both 6" and 10" barrels with each brand. Depending on type and caliber, that extra four inches make from 100 to 300 fps difference... maybe I should get L5's in 357 and 44 to add to the range of test barrels.


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