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Thread: Kahr service hit a home run!!

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    Default Kahr service hit a home run!!

    I bought a new CT 380 and had to send it in for service for ejection and extraction problems. When I received it back from Kahr, I dismantled the whole slide and cleaned it and lubed it with Super Lube. I also polished the inside of the chamber while I had it apart.

    159 shots later with no failures and this pistol had only 10 rounds fired through it before I sent it in. So it is essentially brand new. I also fired rejected reloads from my CW380 which was mostly Perfecta and Fiocchi brass. The CT380 ate them too.

    The note from Kahr said upgraded extractor and replaced ejector.

    I was in awe that this pistol being dirty at the time I fired the 65 rejected reloads had no problems.....not even a hit on the back of the slide.........perfect.

    Kiddos to the Kahr service tech who worked on my pistol.

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    Well, that's refreshing to hear...

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    Good to know, but my CT380 is still running great.
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