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Thread: New (to me) K40 Covert

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    Default New (to me) K40 Covert

    Always on the lookout for low hanging 40 S&W fruit now that the caliber has fallen from favor with many.
    Thinking K40 when i stumbled onto this one - K40 Covert.
    Never heard of it before, but a pretty slick little blaster.
    Anyone here have one?

    Came in the box with 2 mags and paperwork.
    The 5 round mag is pretty neat but could definitely use a pinky grip.
    Wondering if this Pearce one might work?

    Also it's a perfect fit in my Colt Defender holster:

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    The .40 cal has only increased favor with me I don't own one myself, but they are out there on occasion. I have seen a few for sale over the years, but not many. I would think that people hang on to them. They seem to be the perfect size for carry. Looks to be in good shape. You have yourself a little gem there. I would imagine a bit stout with .40 load.

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