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Thread: Vedder holster?

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    Question Vedder holster?

    Looking for a good holster. I have seen the Vedder "Rapid tuck" online. I have a Kahr PM9 that I might want to put in a holster like this. Does anyone own one of these holsters? How has it worked for you?

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    You can save over $20 by going with one of these:

    Several different belt clips available.

    Always free shipping no matter the purchase amount. Vedder ships quick, but Foxx is even quicker.

    They'll take the holster back if you don't like it....

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    I have a Vedder Light Tuck for my Sig 2022. I carry that concealed appendix about 1 oclock with no issues. I'm sure you will have no issues with the Vedder for the cm9.

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    Also check out:
    PJ holster
    Concealment express for pm9
    And here is one I'll get one day for my CM9:
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