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Thread: CW380 Range Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieW View Post
    I have about 80 rounds thru my new CW380, and it has run great, even with all kinds of crappy ammo (Monarch, Fiocchi) -- it really doesn't seem to care what I feed it, FMJ or JHP. Runs Hydra-shocks well. I have been reading about some of the issues folks have been having, but my experience has been good. I have had a CM9 for a while, so I am familiar with the care and cleaning of a Kahr, so maybe that experience has helped.

    The size of the CW380 is great for pocket carry, and I can get a little better grip on it than some of the other small 380's. My particular pistol is very stiff to rack the slide, but I think it will improve as it breaks in. Sights are OK, better than some. I put a Magguts spring set in the 6-round mag, and it worked fine. I have a 7 round and Magguts for that one coming, so I will have 15 rounds between the two mags for carry.
    Here is an update -- Took my CW380 to the range today with a new 6 round mag and a couple of boxes of Remington green box FMJ's. The 6+1 Magguts magazine I have runs perfectly, but the 7+1 Magguts in sensitive to pressure on the extension, and does not feed properly with finger tension on the baseplate. So I ran the Magguts 6+1 and loaded up the new factory mag. On the 5th round of the second mag full, the gun failed to fire and locked up tight. I took it out to the gunsmith and he was able to push the jammed round back with a dowel and get it free. Turns out that what they say about the chamber being tight is true, and this particular batch of Rem .380 would not fit. My Hydra-Shok carry ammo fit and ran fine, and even the cheap Monarch ammo I had on hand ran great. I tried the Remington ammo in my old Taurus 738 TCP and it shot fine in that pistol, so the point was reinforced that the Kahr is ammo sensitive, and it is important to know what kinds run well (as in any carry gun). I am still happy with it, will just be cautious going forward to load compatible ammo.

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    My cw380 is still at Kahr for all the issues. Itís been there for about a month. Iím ready to get it back and put some rounds through it, fingers crossed it will be fixed.

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    IMHO Kahr has turned into Dog and pony show.

    From the plating peeling in the barrel chambers and rifling.

    Then a recent experience a friend had with them about his dad's CW45 not being able to drop rounds into the chamber. We figured out it was because the chamber was tapered going in.

    When he called Kahr the tech told him the problem was because the dad was slingshoting the rounds in. And he needed to fire hundreds of rounds through the pistol before complaining. The guy was an idiot and too defensive. They finally replaced the barrel after a six month wait

    Then there's what I found out a few days ago about their misleading consumers about Elite triggers which no longer exists. There top of
    the line trigger is nothing more then what was probably their standard trigger in the past.

    We have 4 Kahrs from the late 90s to the early 2000s. They are perfect. Never a problem. I don't know when Kahr went downhill.

    We recently bought a mid 2000s P9. And before buying we went through it thoroughly.

    I won't be buying any more Kahrs and I won't be advising others to do so either

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    Iím just crossing my fingers mine comes back and runs like a champ.

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