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Thread: My grandson's 7th birday present

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    Truth be told, he got his birthday present early. My wife went out for his sister's 10th birthday on Dec 2. He was born on Dec 25 and I wanted to see his face when he got that little .22 so he got to open it early before my wife came home. We'll be in south Texas over Christmas and thus the early birthday present.

    I am still looking at all of the pics every day and my heart just bursts with pride and happiness!

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    You certainly made his day and then some. GOOD JOB!
    Here is my grand son this fall, he's 8.
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    I'm with Ikeo and would be thrilled to own that rifle myself.

    I also want that go kart jeepsters grandson is driving.

    Reminds me of the time I was driving my kids go kart and foot went over the frame holding the throttle down full. That's when I found I could push my foot but could not pull. It was an interesting few minutes at a family gathering at my house ripping around while I tried to get my foot loose.!
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