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Thread: Best Western Movie

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    Label me strange but I almost always rooted for the indians.

    Must be an underdog thing.

    Just saw 12 last night at a theatre, it was good.!
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    Saw Hostiles Friday. It was okay. I was expecting a bit more.

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    My top 3 are
    1. Lonesome Dove
    2. Centennial
    3. Tombstone

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    Oh Oh Oh !

    I don't think these have been mentioned before

    Broken Trail with Robert Duvall, Tom Hadin. "We're all travelers in this world"

    And the original Unforgiven with Burt Lancster, Jean Simmons, and Audey Murphy.

    Here's a thought. How about your old western heroes like Hopalong Cassidy, Lash Larue, Three Mesquiteers, Hoot Gibson etc.

    I may be the only one old enough to know who they were.

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