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Thread: Kahr #7

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    Default Kahr #7

    Stopped by my local gun shop today. They've recently started carrying Kahr guns due to customer requests (me).

    In a showcase was a like new, never fired CW45 for $270. Came with 3 mags - 2 original Kahr 6 rd, and one Kimber 6 rd mag.

    Checking it over, it does indeed look un-fired. The original owner bought a P380 plastic Kahr case, and cut it out to fit the larger CW45. Did a nice job! All original paperwork was included.

    It's got a Talon grip installed already too. Figured it was too good a price to pass up....

    The Kimber mag fits flush, but sometimes doesn't hold the slide back every time. Gonna have to tinker with that.

    My first Kahr 45 - that's a mighty big hole in the muzzle! Good project to work on over the holiday.

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    Congrats on the CW45
    Mine is still my favorite Kahr pistol (with my MK9 a close second).
    I have tried many different brands of Officer's/Compact 1911 magazines in my CW45 and have yet to find one with a follower that consistently locks the slide back. Folks here have reported that ACTMAG magazines have a follower that will do so, but I have no pursued that. I remain content using Kahr followers and springs in Officer's/compact magazine tubes. That combo has worked flawlessly for me.
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    Good buy and 7 round officers mags by Act mag work for me.

    I recently took my cw45 out for a run and had a couple of stove pipes. Also either the ammo was hot and/or the recoil spring is getting worn as the slide was slamming back under recoil (which I know it is worn as I have well over 1000 maybe close to 2000 rounds with the original recoil spring.) With the old spring I can rack the slide TOO EASY! Ordered a new spring that arrived today. Will install it and go to the range after the holidays.

    You're gonna like that CW45.
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    Enjoy your CW45. I do enjoy mine.

    Mine came with the one 6 round mag, I got another with the promotion Kahr had at the time. Plus added three of the Kahr 7 round mags. It rides in a MTR Custom Leather Dual Carry holster.

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    Like mine too, but I usually carry a CM45 because it's smaller and slightly lighter.

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    Took my "new" CW45 to the range today.

    You guys were right - I really like it! Very soft shooting for a small 45 - it's a real sweetheart.

    The slide didn't hold open first time with the Kimber mag, but did every time after that.

    First couple of mags, it was ejecting the casings like a line drive right into my forehead, but that stopped pretty quick.

    I regret not buying one of these things sooner. What a great firearm!

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    Love my CW45 - I too picked mine up from a pawn shop (felt like I robbed them)
    Ended up with the know issue of the slide rails in the frame were too short and allowed slide slop - contacted KAHR, they instantly knew what the issue was, told me to send it back, they sent me a new CW45 !!!
    Pawn shop steal, to a new CW45 - it shoots like a dream once broken in and I carry it a lot now.

    Congrats and enjoy

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