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    The only concern is if you ever encounter Law Enforcement and they want to verify stolen status. Not a big deal I guess with rubber slip on grips but with any kind of adhesive applied grip it could be an issue until they tear the grips off to see the serial number.

    I have one officer recently retired who was always seizing shotguns with side saddles. The side saddles generally cover the serial number so he couldn't verify. He said they should always carry tools to remove it so that the serial can be checked.
    He always asked me what to do with it, I always told him to give it back unless there was another charge involved or it was a known thief.
    I didn't want to take apart a guys shotgun when there was really no viable reason. Shouldn't have took it in the first place.
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    I KNEW it, your one of those reasonable law enforcement guys!!!!! I'm proud of you cyber hubby.
    We don't need No 3%er's in these parts!!

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