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Thread: MK9 vs MK9 Elite, Which one?

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    Default MK9 vs MK9 Elite, Which one?

    I am going to purchase a new MK9 online this weekend. The only question is whether I want to pay the extra ~$100 for the Elite version. This will be a concealed carry piece.

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    As far as I can tell,the only differences between the standard MK9 and the Elite version are the addition of the "Elite" markings and a higher polish on the Elite. I polished my MK9 to a higher sheen than the Elite. If the difference is only $100 and that's not a big deal for you, then get the Elite. Or you can get the standard and polish it yourself.

    They are functionally identical. I think at one time the Elite had a better trigger but that's not the case now.

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    Direct from the website;

    "The polished stainless steel finish and laser etching on the frame are available on all Kahr Elite 2003 pistols - the K9, MK9, K40 and the MK40. The lustrous finish complements our innovative designs and solid construction. The magazine well is beveled for easier magazine reloading. The feed ramp on the barrel is polished to a high luster to insure reliable feeding with all types of ammo. Laser engraving on the frame provides the finishing touch to the polished stainless steel - for an appearance as impressive as its capabilities."

    Worth the extra cash to you?
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    I am happy and have been with my MK9.

    It is your money. My MK9 is a carry weapon and the Elite version is not interesting to me.

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