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Thread: Need some S series help

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    Default Need some S series help

    So Ive been kicking around getting one of the newer S9 models and using it for home defense, since it has the rail to mount a light/laser combo. Problem is, I cannot find a holster manufacturer that supports the S9 with the Viridian C5L.

    I contacted Cooks, Crossbreed and a few others. Only responses Ive gotten so far were from those two and they were both a no. I looked at the Versacarry leather holsters, guardian specifically, since its not molded and I did contact them but havent heard back yet. My brother-in-law is friends with a local guy that makes custom holsters and suppressors, but he is a little unreliable on whether or not he would make one (tried for a year to get him to make a Beretta Nano holster with no luck), so thats not the best option. Im really at a loss here...because even Blackpoint Tactical (that supports the Viridian C5L and X5L) dont have Kahr as an option. So its either find a company that makes a holster for the gun, or one that makes a holster that supports the light/laser, but not both.

    I really wanted a light with green laser. I know Crimson Trace makes one too, but if the Viridian isnt supported I doubt CT is either. I really dont care for the Streamlight TLR, since its red...they just seem to wash out at such a short distance and in sunlight.

    Any suggestions are welcome...thanks!

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    I am rowing the same boat as you Sentinel. I bought an S9 recently and I like the pistol so far. I'm still getting accustomed to the long pull DAO trigger. I also bought a Crimson Trace Rail Master to put on the S9. I have just started looking for a holster that would work for the S9 w/ the CT lazer mounted. I haven't found one yet. Crossbreed has a holster listed for the S9 pistol only, but told me the same thing they told you about the accessory lazer. Not yet available. Crimson Trace has an extensive holster reference on their website, but it hasen't been updated to include the new Kahr S line yet. I thought about calling CT and inquiring about this, but I just haven't done it yet. I'll let you know what I find out when I do.

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