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Thread: PM9 Holster with LaserMax Centerfire holster

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    Default PM9 Holster with LaserMax Centerfire holster

    I'm having a tough time finding a OWB holster to fit my PM9 with a LaserMax Centerfire laser. There are quite a few that will fit a PM9 with the CTC laser and I'm wondering if one of these will fit my PM9 with the LaserMax. Both lasers are kinda similar in shape. Maybe I could spray on some leather stretch and make one fit?

    Anyone have a solution?

    Thanks guys.

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    My solution was to remove the LaserMax and buy a Crimson Trace for my CM45. Really liked the green lasermax better, but like you, no holsters available. Make a few OWB holsters with a magnet to shut the laser off while holstered was my only option.
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    This is the generic holster that I use for my PM9 with a similar LaserMax: . I use mine for pocket carry and so have removed the metal clip. If I were carrying OWB, I would run the belt through the metal clip with the holster inside the belt. Alternatively, if the belt fits, I would remove the clip altogether and run the belt through the outside slots on the holster. With the holster inside the belt, it is held closer to the body and is more secure and more concealable. This holster is widely available more cheaply and with better shipping charges than the Kahrstore. I think I bought mine on Amazon. They are available on with an NRA logo, but cost more.

    Like most leather holsters, you can custom fit it to your pistol, if you like. First, wrap the pistol in Saran Wrap or something similarly waterproof. Then, dip the holster in a mixture of 1/3 alcohol and 2/3 water for a few seconds and place the pistol into the holster. Mold the holster to the shape of the pistol and allow to dry. This has worked well for me when I have tried it.

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