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Thread: CT .380 Jams Every Other Shot - Please Help Me Out Here

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    Every other handgun in the world is, probably, more tolerant of grip/wrist issues than Kahr 380s. They are tiny, tight, and extremely unforgiving of user error. My wife consistently has feeding, failure to extract, and failure to battery issues with the CT380, whereas, I only see them crop up when I'm tired after a long day at the range and using crappy ammo.

    For cheap range ammo, I've had the least problems with Federal Champion.

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    All these rounds fired with FMJs? If not, then that's what should be used first in your new Kahr.

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    My suggestion would be this: First, make sure the gun is well lubed. Then get some Winchester white box, American eagle or CCI lawman ball ammo and load that in your mags. Make sure you have a firm grip, (really just as with any other small auto). Use the slide stop / slide release lever to chamber rounds, at least for now. You may not need to always do that but for now, that is what Kahr says and you need to remove that variable from the situation. If the gun cycles well this way, then get through about 100 rounds and then field strip and clean and lube, and fire another couple boxes of ball ammo until you have roughly 200 rounds through it. Then experiment with defense type ammo. I would suggest Hornady xtp or Critical defense. If that isn't reliable in your gun, try some other premium ammo until you find what works well, then you can experiment with different ammo if you like but you have a baseline of what works. Frankly, in .380 a lot of people believe it is best to just ball ammo anyway, but that is a different discussion.

    If lubing and switching ammo doesn't solve the problem, try letting someone else shoot the gun to try and rule out grip problems. Don't try changing the recoil spring. That doesn't affect recoil much if at all and then you are just adding variables that make it harder to solve the problem. If it it won't run as it came from the box, it will need to go back to Kahr. Once it is running right, then you can play with springs and magazines and chambering rounds without using the lever, different mag followers and so on, and know what works and doesn't.

    Anyway, that is my suggestion and I hope it helps. Please let us know what happens.

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    My first Kahr was a CW380 and it drove me crazy trying to break it in. Cost an arm and a leg with the price of 380 ammo and even with over 500 rds thru it, it was a work in progress every range trip...I actually wanted a CM9 when I bought the CW380 so even after I got it to operate with any and all ammo I sold it and bought a CM9. Do not regret doing so, but in a way wish I would have kept the CW as it really turned out to be a good firearm. Have the patience to continually work with it or send it in to Kahr...you will not be sorry you bought it.......except maybe when you realize you now own several of them and love each one!!

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    I am a huge fan of Kahr pistols. I currently own four of them, two in 9mm and 2 in 45acp. The only problems I've ever had with Kahrs were with 380 versions. I've owned a CW380 and 2 CT380s. I personally found them to be unreliable and frustrating. I did get the CW380 sorted out but traded it anyway. There are too many reliable pocket 380s on the market to spend an inordinate amount of time and money to get a pocket gun running correctly. I ended up with a Remington RM380 and a Beretta Pico and couldn't be happier. I personally think that 9mm is the sweet spot for Kahrs.

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