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Thread: Update on AO 1927A1 issues .....

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    Default Update on AO 1927A1 issues .....

    Guys I posted this over on the Machine Gun Forums so please forgive me if it seems redundant.

    In the unlikely event any of you guys are interested in the problems I have had with my AO 1927A1 I thought I'd give you an update.

    I purchased this piece last summer and have had several issues with it. First was a failure to feed problem with the 30 round stick magazine. I solved this with the purchase of a 20 round mag that locks up tight and works well. Then the head of the bolt deformed. Kahr Arms replaced the bolt for me so all was good there. Lastly the rifle shot 5 to 6 inches to the right of point of aim at 35 yards. This I found unacceptable so I finally bit the bullet and sent the firearm back to Kahr in late October. And then I waited. After about 8 weeks I e-mailed them asking for an update on my rifle. The response was that they would get to it when they could. Four weeks late I e-mailed them again and was told they would be taking the rifle to the range to check out the accuracy issue. They did that the following week and reported that they were going to change the barrel. The following week they contacted me again and reported that there was a problem with the barrel change and that they were going to change the receiver as well. This meant that I was going to get a basically new rifle with the exception of the wood furniture. I received the rifle back, going through an FFL dealer since the rifle now had a different serial number, a couple days ago.

    So now I have in effect a new rifle. Since I live in Ohio now I have to wait until the weather allows me to get to the range to check if this new rifle has any problems.

    Although I am somewhat put off that this firearm has had so many problems I am satisfied that Kahr Arms has tried to make it right.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.


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    Thanks for the update.
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