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Thread: Stupid question number 101

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    Default Stupid question number 101

    OK guys I mentioned in a post a couple days ago that I had received back my 1927A1 from Kahr after replacement of the barrel and receiver. So I stripped it down for a cleaning and re-oiling. Upon re-assembly I am having a problem getting the frame attached to the receiver so here is stupid question number 101. When sliding the frame onto the receiver should it just slide all the way on with no interference. To get mine on I must depress the frame lock button (is that the correct terminology?) to clear the groove in the frame just behind the safety to get the frame installed. Am I doing something wrong?


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    I don't think your doing anything wrong. I have to press that frame lock button to put it back together as well and last time it was a royal pain in the posterior.

    I'd call the barrel and receiver one thing myself, and your trying to put it back on the frame. I think that would be the proper terminology but I didn't write that book either.

    You should be able to start it on a bit, then you'll have to depress that button with a thin screwdriver, then it will slide most of the way on and you'll have to hit the button again to lock it in.

    Best of luck to you.!
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